Katrinkles - Darning & Mending Loom Kit (Tiny, Smaller or bigger)

Designer: Katrinkles

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Size: TINY

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This Darning & Mending Loom Kit includes all of the tools you need to repair a hole in a knitted garment.  Following the enclosed simple instructions, you will be mending clothing and accessories in no time! 

Choose from our Tiny Darning Loom Kit (perfect for mitten or glove darning and fixing tiny holes), our original Smaller Darning Loom Kit (perfect for sock darning or fixing smaller holes), an add-on Heddle Expansion Pack for the Smaller Darning Loom Kit, or our Bigger Darning Loom Kit (for mending large holes).

Included in the TINY Darning Loom Kit: 

  1. 1 x Tiny Darning Loom

  2. 1 x Tiny Heddle

  3. 5 x Tiny Elastic Ties

  4. 1 x Tapestry Needle

  5. 1 x Instruction Pamphlet

The Tiny Darning Loom Kit comes packaged in a small linen bag.

Included in the SMALLER size original Darning Loom Kit:

  • 1 x Darning Loom 
  • 1 x Heddle (approximately 1.5" long)
  • 1 x Elastic Tie
  • 1 x Tapestry Needle
  • 1 x Instruction Pamphlet 

Included in your Heddle Expansion Pack for our SMALLER Darning Loom Kit: 

  • 3 x Heddles: 5, 6, 7 teeth per inch (approximately 2.5" long)
  • 1 x 3" Sharp Metal Needle 
  • 1 x 4" Wooden Tapestry Needle

The Bigger Darning Loom is ideal for weaving patches over large holes in sweaters, blankets, and even over the knees of jeans.  Its three heddles have three teeth sizes and are longer and wider than the ones in the Heddle Expansion Pack.

Included in the BIGGER Darning Loom Kit: 

  • 1 x Bigger Darning Loom
  • 3 x Heddles: 5, 6, and 7 teeth per inch (approximately 3.5" long)
  • 1 x Elastic Tie
  • 1 x 5" Sharp Metal Needle
  • 1 x Wooden Tapestry Needle
  • 1 x Instruction Pamphlet