Cwtch: Finding Ritual in the Everyday

Designer: Sunflower Knit

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Created in collaboration with Harrisville Designs, Ash Alberg of Sunflower Knit and Samson Learn of Samson Photography come together once again to bring you a beautiful volume that will delight all of your senses. Containing 10 new shawl knitting patterns as well as 18 recipes for food, drink, and simple potions for home and body care, this book will help you find ritual in the everyday.

Ask a Welsh person what a ‘cwtch’ is and often they’ll give you a fond smile – because a cwtch is evocative – it has the magical quality of transporting someone back to the safety of their childhood. This corresponds with the word’s other meaning, which is a place to safely store things – if you give someone a cwtch, you’re figuratively giving them a ‘safe place’. So where has this extraordinary term come from? ‘…The word has its origins in the Middle English word “couche” which meant a resting or hiding place…’

Journey with ash through family history, lore, and ancestral magic.