Polwarth (coloured) washed fleece

Designer: Wööl emporium de laine

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I grabbed this american Polwarth fleece at Rhinebeck New York and it is multicoloured and magnificent. From light grey to warm brown, with a nice staple length, and extremely soft.

It is available in 50g bags.

Polwarth is an amazingly soft wool. With a micron width between 22-25 microns, it is as soft as most Merino yarns, and is very comfortable to wear directly against your skin. With a staple length that can range between 4-6 inches, it is also a yarn that tends to not pill easily. Knitters and crocheters find that it is lovely to work with, and produces a yarn with good stitch definition. Spinners also love Polwarth for its ability to blend well with luxury fibers such as angora, alpaca, yak, and mohair.