Stationery - Grids & Guides Orange A Notebook for Visual Thinkers

Designer: Princeton Architectural Press

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I've tasted the fine wine and I can't go back. It is the Princeton Architectural Press Grids & Guides Notebook, and it is not like other notebooks."- The Strategist, NY Magazine

The perfect notebook for creative thinkers:
Much more than a standard graph paper notebook, Grids & Guides notebooks combine a variety of eight different grid paper patterns so you can find the perfect starting place for creative thinking. Forget your grid dot notebook and see what ideas emerge with a coordinate map grid, an isometric grid, a point grid, and more, made for sketches, lists, data, and dreams.

Interspersed with infographics: Find inspiration in the cool infographics interspersed throughout the notebook. Unexpected and informative, the notebook includes 16 pages of charts, infographics, table, and other scientific resources, covering a wide range of topics, from cetacean and particle physics to the human muscular system and hazard symbols.

A sleek cloth-covered hardcover that's highly portable: The Grids and Guides Orange notebook is the perfect size to throw in your backpack for a day hike, or to use as a lab notebook. The textured cloth-covered hardcover design is luxurious and sturdy. Creatives will love the versatility of the different grids, combined with the professional look of the cover.

This notebook graph paper is a great gift for designers, engineers, architects, and anyone in a creative industry.

  • Journal, Diary, Blank Book | 6.49 x .84