Full Circle Wool - Wool Dish Sponges ~ Climate Beneficial™

Designers: Full Circle Wool

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100% Climate Beneficial™ wool, sourced from Northern California farms and processed in the US. Fibershed certified. Clean: wool exhibits natural antimicrobial properties Durable: no tearing or crumbling away once broken in Long-Lasting: users report 6 months to a year per sponge Easy-to-Clean: soap & warm water when finished using, leave out to dry Non-Polluting: wool is a non-synthetic fiber that does not shed microplastics into our waterways Not Smelly: wool is naturally odor-repelling Compostable: wool biodegrades to build better soil Affordable: retailing under $20, these sponge sets make great gifts to others or just oneself! Gives Back: Full Circle Wool donates 10% of profits to the nonprofit Fibershed's Carbon Farm Fund, which disperses funds (with no admin fees) to participating farms and ranches to implement more NRCS-approved carbon farming practices to improve land stewardship and carbon drawdown, such as compost application, cover crop, and riparian restoration.