Housetsu Sato - Fantastic Felted Cats A Guide to Making Lifelike Kitten Figures (With Full-Size Templates)

Designers: Tuttle Publishing

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An irresistible felting book for cat lovers!

From playful tabbies to fierce black cats, this book shows you how to create felted felines in every shape and posture: crouching, preening, stretching, napping and ready to pounce!

Master Japanese felting artist and teacher (and a great cat lover himself) Housetsu Sato shows you how to become an expert in capturing a cat's essential form and character - especially at the kitten stage, when they are full of surprises.

In this book Sato teaches you how to:- Form the basic shapes and cat body parts
- Create a variety of familiar cat poses and postures
- Add realistic textures and markings to the fur
- Give unique expressions to your cat faces

Along the way, he shows you how to infuse your felted friends with a playful sense of cattitude," including how to incorporate fur from your real kitties into your felted models.

Detailed instructions and photos for each cat piece, fur texture and marking make these projects friendly even if you are new to felting. Full-size templates help you form the correct shapes and proportions, and brief lessons in cat anatomy help you make your felted cats truly lifelike. Photos showing variations on the poses and markings make it easy to envision your own cat's likeness emerging from your hands.


Housetsu Sato is a wool artist whose work has been widely exhibited in Japan. He has been making cat dolls and wearable giant cat heads since 2004, starting with clay figures and moving on to felting to replicate the authentic look and feel of real cat fur. He has since become famous worldwide for the exceptional realism of his cat figures and cat heads. He has established the Japan Wool Art Academy in Tokyo to help others learn his techniques, including how to make those wonderfully true-to-life cats.