Milo and Dexter - The Wool Sock

Designers: Milo and Dexter

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Size: Size 1 : 5-9 w

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The Wool Sock offer unparalleled comfort and warmth for your feet. Made from pure wool fibers, these socks are designed to provide insulation and breathability, ensuring your feet stay cozy and dry in any weather. The soft, non-irritating material makes them a great choice for all-day wear, while the natural moisture-wicking properties help to keep your feet dry and comfortable. The natural odor-resistant properties of wool make these socks a smart choice for outdoor enthusiasts, and their durability makes them a reliable choice for daily wear. Whether you're on a winter hike or just lounging at home, these 100% wool socks will keep your feet warm and comfortable. With their exceptional performance and quality, 100% wool socks are the ultimate choice for anyone who values comfort and warmth in their footwear.
* SIZE 1: 5-9 WOMEN, 4-8 MEN
* SIZE 2: 9-13 WOMEN, 8-12 MEN


• Made in Canada • Weight: 20 g (0.71 oz)