Katryne Dubé - Basketry - Make your own rustic broom - Saturday April 13th from 10AM to 5PM

Designer: AVRIL - APRIL 2024

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 Level : Beginner

Language : French with help for english participants 

Duration : 6 hours

Material cost : 45$

Material : 
 In the context of our broom-making workshop, we offer you two options for choosing your broom handle:

1. Option "Bring Your Own Wooden Handle":
   If you wish to further personalize your experience and create a truly unique broom, we encourage you to bring your own favorite stick. It should have a diameter of approximately 1 to 1.5 inches and measure between 20 and 36 inches in length. This will add a personal touch to your broom, in harmony with your energies.

2. Option "Handle Provided by the Instructor":
   If you don't have a suitable stick for a broom handle, no worries. Handles will be provided on-site. This way, everyone can participate in the workshop without worrying about finding the perfect stick beforehand.


At the end of this workshop, you will have mastered various ancestral binding techniques used to create brushes and brooms from the past. Additionally, you will have crafted two types of brushes and brooms, complete with a handle, with your own hands.


Rooted in the heart of the boreal forest during my childhood, I had the privilege of forging deep connections with nature. It was within this forest that my sensitivity awakened to its mysteries and elements.

Currently, my commitment is expressed within the «Coopérative des Forêts et des Gens» located in Petite-Nation, where I can breathe life into my passions for nature and ancient knowledge.

Throughout my journey, I have been guided by mentors with whom I deepened my explorations, immersing myself in three creative paths: herbalism, leathercraft, and fiber work.

These paths, like the branches of ancient trees, have helped me root a deeper understanding of the natural world within myself. Animated by the wisdom of the elements and guided by educators who nurtured in me the desire to share this knowledge, I persist today in transmitting these almost forgotten teachings.

Ce projet est réalisé grâce au soutien financier du gouvernement du Québec en collaboration avec le Festival de la fibre Twist et Wööl, emporium de laine.