Unicorn Clean - Power Scour (classic scent)

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Unicorn products, high quality products 

We’ve carefully designed a powerful detergent that destroys dirt, but preserves the integrity of even the most delicate fibres, handmade heirlooms, and baby items. 

Designed by our very own chemist, Unicorn contains a unique “molecular complex” which serves as a mineral grabber. This means that our products are actively pulling out the gunk in your laundry to clean without buildup and achieve the cleanest clean you’ve ever dreamed. 

It’s even gentle enough for babies and those with sensitive skin. 


That’s the magic of Unicorn ! 



Two collections are available to you

Unicorn offers you two collections: the Unicorn Fiber with its classic sweet scent of lavender and the Unicorn Baby without flagrance, ideal for baby's fragile skin.



Power Scour 

Our deepest and most powerful detergent comes in a fresh lavender scent. It is tough on your most heavily soiled laundry, but gentle enough to protect delicate fabrics.

Great for:

Scouring raw wool & mohair

Washing cloth diapers

Treating tough stains (even red wine stains!)

Treating odors in fabrics like smelly pet beds or sweaty gym clothes

Deep cleaning grease, grime, and grunge better than our competitors

Removing lanolin from woolies in order to re-lanolize

Washing heavily soiled laundry

Cleaning carpets



    UNICORN is effective in all water temperatures, but even more powerful in hot water

    UNICORN is ecological and biodegradable.

    UNICORN is not tested on animals

    UNICORN is soft and free from dyes, phosphates, fillers or irritants.

    UNICORN is better than the competition at removing lanolin, grease and stains




    Anionic and nonionic surfactants. The anionic surfactants (Ethoxylated Alcohols, C12-13 & C12 and Sodium Carbonate) are organic chemicals that converts electrically charged particles in solutions to remove dirt. The Nonionic is a low suds producing Amphoteric surfactant that helps with water hardness i.e. Organic chemicals that change the property of water. In addition an Aqueous Polymer Solution that helps break down soils while avoiding redisposition on fabrics and Ethanol & Stabilizers for the dirt removing agent are added. Aqua and .001% lavender fragrance. Contains NO bleach additives, phosphates, enzymes, brighteners, petroleum, stripping agents or dyes.


    Made in USA